A look At The Vaping Bans In The United States – The History of Statewide Bans

ban_e_cigarettesAs protectors and caretakers of children we are always keeping our eyes out and ears open for the latest changes in laws that could possible impact health.  One of the biggest trends with today’s youth is the act of vaping which has taken the country by storm.  From vape pens to dab pens to wax pens and more the kids of America have taken a strong liking to hobby that is vaping.  Fine to use of course when of age and where legal, many states are now taking a more proactive approach to exactly what the vaporizer pen and how it impacts communities means for residents.  Wildly popular and now an ingrained part of culture many states manage there vaping bans by locality and situational state.  On  August 8, 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated that electronic cigarette products be regulated as tobacco products which illustrates the need and desire to regulate and monitor such types of devices as e-cigarettes and vaporizer pens.  The FDA rule also bans sales to minors so there are strides being made to  protect unaware kids from potential harm.  Lets take a look at the some of the vaping laws and bans by state to get a better idea and understanding on what is being done to assure vaping is done safely, securely and legally by consenting adults.

Oldest Statewide Vaping and Vape Pen Ban In Existence: Utah

Utah implemented a statewide vaping ban effective January 1, 2009 making vaping prohibited in all indoor locations wit exceptions for places like 1. properly marked hotel/motel smoking rooms, 2. areas of owner-operated businesses that are employee free 3.  American Indian religious and cultural practices, celebrations and ceremonies. Since the state law overrides any ordinances passed by political subdivisions of the state (i.e., cities, counties, school districts, agencies, etc.), such political carve outs are preempted from regulating indoor smoking or vaping any more or less stringently than the Act.

Newest Statewide Vaping and Vape Pen Ban On The Horizon: Vermont

Vermont now joins a very small group of states that have officially declared a statewide vaping ban which came into effect January 1, 2017, making vaping is prohibited in public areas where smoking is banned.

Biggest Statewide Vaping and Vape Pen Ban Currently: California

California issued a statewide vaping ban as of June 2016, now including e-cigarettes in its smoke free laws.  E-cigarette and vaporizer pen use is prohibited in workplaces and many public spaces, including restaurants and bars.  They are allowed wherever smoking is approved.   Localities within the state can have stronger e-cigarette laws, i.e. parks, beaches, bus stops, outdoor work sites, and other appropriate public places.  Its also of note that there is a specific law stating the sale of e-cigarettes to persons under the age 21 is outlawed.

While vaping and using a vape pen or wax pen is a personal choice that should be afforded to all of age it is also nice to see measures being taken to protect young goods who may be vulnerable to outside influences.  We are by no means condemning vaping or saying its  a bad thing we are just happy to see measures being taken and thought being put in on how to regulate vaping across the nation.