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MS Childrens Book – Introduction, Preview and Preface

We all know dealing with Multiple Sclerosis can be difficult for both parent and child which is why we wanted to create a book that not only helps us all better deal with such a situation but also hopefully brings some joy and light while going through such tough times. With symptoms and side effects such as double vision, blindness, loss of muscle strength, loss of feeling and difficulty with balance there is a reason why at many times Multiple Sclerosis can seem debilitating for all involved. The MS Children book is not a story that wants to dwell on all the painful problems that can arise from having Multiple Sclerosis but rather on how the disease can make us more grateful for all the blessings that we do have. Its a tale of bravery and courage and one that really shows anything is possible in life if you just put your mind and heart into it. Sure having a disease like Multiple Sclerosis could really bring you down but the MS Childrens Book is here to lift your spirits back up. Children have a beautiful of looking at and thinking about the world and we try to capture this wonderful innocence in a tale of struggle and adversity and that is exactly what you get when reading the MS Childrens Book.

Multiple Sclerosis Explained Through The Innocence of Child’s Mind
MS Childrens Book